TUNZAFRIKA is the platform of the African youth on the environment and sustainable development. It allows young people to have their high-level organization in Africa to deal with environmental issues and sustainable development. This is a platform for exchange of knowledge and skills, opportunities, mobility and cultural diversity.
Togo has welcomed this initiative under the patronage of UNEP through NGOs JVE that involved youth organizations and activists as serious AJVSME (Association of Young Volunteers in Service Environmental World). This organization has to prove through the dynamism of its Executive Director, Mr. Kokou Elom BAYITA. This is part of our day young people under 30 who excel in the field of environment in the world. See this for information


(Discover an African young man who excels in the field of environment http://thestarfish.ca/home/2013/9/kokou-elom-bayita-informing-and-motivating-citizens-in-togo-africa).


When TUNZAFRIKA 2013 Togo, the association of young volunteers in the service of environmental world (AJVSME) had the following responsibilities:

We educate and train young children on the phenomenon of coastal erosion through a field visit for live events with participants;

share with young people on the theme (youth and part of environmental management in Africa: Problems and Solutions)

lead the campaign to mobilize the young on the environment and sustainable development.
assist in the evaluation and selection of the top 10 innovative projects.


At the end of the forum, several recommendations are made to advocate for African youth.
It is important that all young people to join us for more positive impacts.